Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ADDITIONAL SPEAKER - Eyewitness from general strikes in GREECE!

New additional speaker Nikos Loudos will be giving an eye witness report from the general strikes and occupations against the effects of the crisis and the cut backs in GREECE.

Plus a striking lecturer from Leeds, a Sussex student occupier, Terry Eagleton, Michael Rosen, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Alex Callinicos, Juan Carlos Piedra Justice for Clearners, Gargi Battacharyia UCU, Assed Baig Staffs SU President, Stathis Kouvelakis, Daff Adley NUS LGBT amongst others.

Workshops include the crisis and the battle for education, challenging racism and Islamophobia; the corporate take over of education, what should our education look like?, reclaiming our unions, 1968 – what can we learn from the fire last time?, the tasks ahead – taking back our education.

As strikes spread across Europe…come to the “Take Back Education” teach-in this Saturday to organise and strengthen the resistance and to roll back the government’s attacks.

Management at Leeds University have been put on the backfoot by lecturers' strike threats; other colleges and universities are now starting the process of balloting to strike; the teach-in will be an important step in building the resistance to the massive attacks in education.

Register now! Invite others! Forward this message far and wide!